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Monday, 4 April 2011


Ooh I love a good wedding.  All the pretty things that make you reminisce about the times you put crocheted doilies on your head and walked down your hallway with a bouquet of scrunched up toilet paper in your hands!!!   
As a child... of course.

It is my little Brother's wedding this weekend so I am very excited.  To be honest I am still a little stunned that anyone would agree to marry him - to me he is still the little pain that used to terrorise me and get me into trouble all the time.  Love you Doo ;)  But even I must admit that from that little sh#t of a child, he grew up into to a loving and mature young man – most of the time.  Plus I am very excited to be gaining a sister (shout out Bec!) and a beautiful niece and nephew.  Aren't they gorgeous!!! (that's my little tiger in the middle).

So in honour of my lovely brother and his beautiful new family I have added their wedding invitations (made by mwah of course) to my collection and called them "D+B".  This version comes with extra tab inserts for all the important info but these can be omitted if necessary.  This design is very versatile and can be adapted to any event: engagement, birthday, anniversary, bridal shower etc and it can be altered to suit your special needs.  You can put your own twist on it and make it a "D+B+U" (Ha - I crack meup!).  If you are interested, shoot me an email or as always check it out on the sites. (D+B invite on etsy)

Good luck Doo and Bec. 
I love you both and wish you nothing but happiness and joy in your long lives together. xoxoxox

PS.  Bring on the partay! ;)

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