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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hi my name is Rachael - I love crafts and art and all things creative. And apparently I am now a blogger!!!  Eeeek!

So, I have never thought about starting a blog before now.  It seems odd to me that anyone other than my loved ones (who are forced to listen to my rants because that's just the price of friendship and family!) would care what I have to say.  But it is the generation of technology and social media and online communication, so I guess I should get with the program. 
From that statement you might think that I am 50+ grandma who has been taught how to check her emails by her grandchildren, but I am actually a 20 something (which my husband would point out I can't say for much longer) Gen Y'er who has only recently realised why you would ever want to access the internet on your mobile.*
But my main motivation for starting this blog is simply to get the word out about my invitation business and share with people my passion for pretty stationery.  Inviting Inspiration is an entity I created to give a legitimate basis to my hobby of creating invitations and cards.  Whilst it started out as just family and friends it is now expanding into something which actually resembles a business. NB if the bosses of my current "day-job" happen to be reading this - please don't fire me! Inviting Inspiration (whilst bigger than when I started) is still not ready to be launched on the stock exchange any time soon.  But there is always hope ;)

I think that every special occasion in our lives warrants an equally special piece of stationery to commemorate it.  And to me pretty means texture and colour and style and interest.  Something which not only catches your eye but makes you want to touch it and display it!  Perhaps I might be coming off as an invitation zealot now but its true that I like my stationery!  And nothing beats handmade.  You can't go past a piece of stationery that has been cut and assembled by someone who actually cares how it looks and more importantly cares whether you will like it!

I have tried to design a range of invitations and cards that are stylish, classic and interesting but still within an average punters price range.  But that's enough about that.  This isn't supposed to be an advertisement or a forum for saying how truly awesome I am (those who know me are already well aware of that!). But I guess the point is, if you have a special event coming up that you need a card or invitation for check out my website/facebook etc (you are all savvy people that will find the links somewhere on this page - maybe over there ????) or drop me an email at  I would love to talk to you about your ideas and help you create the perfect piece for your event.

Until next time my lovely followers (again, I may be getting ahead of myself here) enjoy each moment of your life as if it belongs in a scrapbook.

Rachael xo

*For my non-Australian readers (I may be getting ahead of myself here - I know) that is what we Aussies call a cell phone.  See my blog is creative AND informative!  Breaching the cultural barrier and all that...